Mother 3 16-Hit Combo Compilation [Part 2]

Mother 3 16-Hit Combo Compilation [Part 2]

This 3-part video contains 121 16-hit combos spread throughout Mother 3’s 56 battle songs. On my most recent playthrough of Mother 3 (via translation patch) I aimed to not only full combo every battle song, but also get as many consecutive combos as I’m capable of. I’ve been working hard on this since January. Enjoy!

High Quality download link:

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Notes about this video:

-I performed at least one 16-hit combo on every song in the game. You may be surprised at some of the songs I managed to combo.

-The game was played on the translation patch’s Hard Mode. That’s why some enemies survive a lot longer than they should, and the whole purpose of playing Hard Mode was to allow me the potential for more consecutive combos.

-None of the footage from this video is from the Battle Memory. I only occasionally used Battle Memory to practice the harder songs, but all combos were performed in actual battles.

-All of the “easy” variations are shown first, and then the “hard” variations together at the end. Within the easy and hard sections, the songs are ordered by their soundtrack numbers with the exception of Mr. Batty Twist, which I just felt was the most appropriate song to kick off the video with (also it’s the first song in chapter 1). All of the hard variations are in Part 3.

-Not all “hard” variations of songs are actually harder. This is because the timing on some songs is more strict than others. For example, Piggy Guys is an exceptionally tough song despite being a simple song in 4. Piggy Something is pretty easy if you know how the beat goes.

-In a lot of these kinds of videos online, people 16-hit combo the harder songs by simply comboing through a section without awkward beats. Well, what’s the point in that? In this video I attempted to combo through as many awkward beats as possible.

Sorry about the flickering in the videos. Youtube did something weird to the quality.